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As a horse rider, I understand the importance of working together as a team for optimal performance. That's why I believe that riding in a group of four can be extremely beneficial for horse and rider alike. Not only do we learn from each other, but also we help push each other to improve. Through our combined efforts, we establish a strong bond with our horses that creates an unforgettable experience.

Warm Up

As a passionate horse rider, I have learned that taking the time to properly warm up before riding is crucial for preventing injuries and ensuring a successful ride. Through my years of experience, I have developed effective warm-up routines for both myself and my horse, which have improved my overall performance. I take pride in sharing my knowledge with other riders, as I believe warming up correctly is one of the best ways to improve one's abilities in horse riding.


The days main theme

My horse riding workshop is designed to help riders of all levels develop their skills and build a stronger partnership with their horse. Using the scales of training, we will select one area to focus on and build upon - whether it be rhythm, suppleness, or impulsion. You'll leave the workshop with a deeper understanding of your horse's movement and the tools to improve it.


Exercises to practice at home

At my workshop, I provide riders of all levels with the chance to sharpen their skills and learn from my wealth of knowledge and expertise. I ensure every session is tailored to your individual needs, and you'll leave with vital information and techniques that you can put into practice on your own. Take home your newfound knowledge and watch as your riding steadily improves.


A recap

 When you leave, we'll also send you a helpful recap email to ensure that you don't forget any of the key takeaways from the lesson.

Book a workshop

Booking a bookshop is the same as booking a lesson. Click on the Book Lessons page to get started

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